Answers to questions

you (or someone on your team) probably have some.


Brands are supposed to be highly suggestive metaphors that take on a life of their own, and the boost we give our clients is so much more than the identity, packaging or a website. Our work is transformative, starting internally and working outward through the supply chain to the consumer. GOGO is momentum, giving our clients unlimited MOJO.

What do you believe in?

We believe that small companies cannot afford to waste time and money, and they need every advantage to win in today’s über competitive marketplace. We believe in the transformative power of our work.

What is your superpower?

Creating brands that puts words in people’s mouths and thoughts in their heads about desiring whatever you’re offering. Can you imagine winning every time, all the time? We can.

Do you only work on consumer product brands?

It sure seems that way, because they perpetuate via referrals. Past clients include big consulting, professional services, healthcare, nonprofit and B2B companies. We can take any inspired business to another galaxy.

Who & Where are your clients?

Companies typically engage us at transition points, start-up, staging for or getting funding for growth, or acquisition— so how they spend their time and money is super important. When the stakes are high, who wouldn't want some GOGO to really get things going?

We’re helping USA brands in the USA, Europe & UK and vice versa.

Where are you?

Our principals, Lawrence & Diana travel back and forth between the EU and the USA, with the rest of the team sprinkled across the globe and occasionally other galaxies. Our decentralized studio model makes it possible to access the best creative talent while operating at a lower cost basis than a US based bricks-and-mortar agency.

When we're in Europe and you’re in the USA, you’ll quickly see that the time difference works great. We’ll have our meetings in the morning and work progress appears while you are sleeping. Pretty cool, right?

Will you be our agency of record?

Sorry, it’s just not our MOJO. But, after we’re done creating your galactic brand, we can help you find the best partners to support your marketing initiatives. And we can, and should provide ongoing creative direction and design support to protect and empower your shiny new brand.

Will you run our marketing & social media programs?

No. But we will help you develop the strategy, come up with the big idea and create the assets & toolkits.

Will you make us a website?

Yes. If it’s part of fully realizing your brand. We are expert at ecommerce with a conversion, upsell, and keep them coming back for more focus on making you money.

What about SEO/SEM?

It’s not our expertise, but we have a partner that’s out of this world, Superfood Digital.

Do you offer digital marketing?

We will work with your digital marketing team and lead the campaign development. And, we’ll make sure they have all of the assets they need.

Will you help with our trade show, user conference, or big event?

If you're passionate about doing something that gets noticed, we’re happy to be part of the team.

Do you want some of our MOJO?