Do you want to GOGO?

Here’s everything you need to know-know.

We’re expert brand architects, social anthropologists & consumer behaviorists.

We build brands and products from the ground up. Our mission is to ignite growth.

We’re not robots, our understanding of human emotion is our superpower.

We only work with brands that are on the move. We’ll take you into orbit.

We’ll play well with your team, consultants, other agencies, everyone.

But, we only collaborate with decision makers.

We’re small and scrappy by design.

We don't pitch. But our first project doesn't have to break the bank.

We don't want to be your full-service agency, but we’d love to build & protect your galactic brand.

Our leadership teleports between the USA and Europe, because in today's hyper-connected world location is secondary and getting GOGO is everything.

Our definition of success is delivering you something transformative. 

We think you’ll agree.

Meet your flight leaders.

Led by cosmonauts Lawrence Neisler and Diana Kaneva, we help consumer product brands in the USA & Europe get GOGOING.
Lawrence Neisler and Diana Kaneva | GOGO Brand Studio

Lawrence Neisler is a creative director, brand strategist and integrated marketing expert who literally filled a dumpster with award trophies after realizing there are far better metrics to measure success. In a previous galaxy Lawrence worked on the client side, where he engineered & led integrated sales & marketing programs that delivered unprecedented growth.

Diana Kaneva is a brand strategist and graphic designer with both analytical and creative skills. In addition to her GOGO superpowers, Diana created and launched a digitally native women's apparel brand to prove she could.

Together, Lawrence & Diana lead their crew of argonauts on missions to help brands win big. The rest of team GOGO is interstellar, with humans and aliens sprinkled across the United States, Europe, UK and occasionally other galaxies.

GOGO Brand Studio, taking brands galactic since 2014

Interstellar since 2014

That's when we decided to GOGO GALACTIC. The new normal of remote work teams and out of market agencies has been our everyday normal long before anyone heard of COVID—so we’ve had plenty of time to perfect process & communications, making it possible for small companies everywhere to benefit from our endless supply of MOJO.

We’ve built a global team of the very best creative talent and you’ll interact only with senior leadership from the start to the delivery of your powerhouse brand. GOGO brings an international perspective to help EU and UK companies in the USA and vice versa. We know what is current, relevant & impactful
 to energize everything you do.


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